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Sifu Wong learnt the Omei Mountain 100 Day Chi Kung from the much respected tutor Master P. K. Ting and has been appointed the U.K. representative of the system. It uses deep breathing combined with touching vital points of the body and accelerates the bodies hormone secretion. This results in impoved self renewal functions of the body; enhanced sexual prowess and martial arts usage. Master Ting is 82 years old and his feats of power, skill and endurance never cease to amaze people with demonstrations such as having concrete blocks smashed on his head with a sledge hammer, grinding glass with his bare hands and drilling holes in China plates with a mere finger.

Master P. K. Ting with Sifu Wong


Sifu Wong spent a lot of time and effort to find Master Chen, to learn the small circle Yang style. At first Master Chen would not accept Sifu Wong as his student because he only taught his relations and close friends, due to the dangerous nature of this style. This style is passed on by Yang Ban Hau(The Invisible Yang), the son of one of the founders (Yang Loo Sim) in the Ching Dynasty. After spending many months trying to become one of Master Chens students without success - he discovered that one of his old school friends was Master Chen's wife. She was able to vouch for his character and Sifu Wong was at last accepted as a student and had the chance to learn the advanced fighting techniques from the style.

 Master Chen

This is a pure fighting variation of the Yang Style. Sifu Wong was lucky to learn the advanced fighting techniques of this style, which uses small compact external movements, delivered at very close range, with maximum power generated internally.


Sifu Wong learnt the health and combat aspects of Tai Chi from Master Chu, who is one of the best Tai Chi Masters in Europe.- European representative of the Yang family and head of the International Tai Chi Chuan Association.

At first he was taught in the normal class, however later he became a private student. This style is beneficial for relaxation and to increase the efficiency of the bloodflow. Sifu Wong was also taught tai chi combat.

Master K.H. Chu & Sifu Wong



Sifu Wong is a 7th Generation Master of this style and is greatly honoured to be the only student to learn the complete system from Grandmaster Kim Law - the head of the style in this country.

Sifu Wong is of the opinion that Master Law is one of the worlds greatest fighters in the present age with his speed and power going unmatched.

 Grandmaster Kim Law & Sifu Simon Wong

This style is a dangerous system designed to inflict maximum damage. The wrists are used to manipulate an opponents attack and to force an opening in their defence, allowing for reprisal of lethal, devastating effect and permanent damage.



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