Yellow Dragon Martial Arts Series Level 2

Introduction to Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

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*Learn the complete Yang Style Tai Chi Form for health and relaxation

*Improve your internal energy with Chi Kung Deep Breathing Exercises

*Practice Tai Chi Chi Kung Exercises to improve balance, co-ordination and health

*Discover how to use Tai Chi for self-defence

plus Introduction and History of Tai Chi, Meridians and pressure points.

Master Wong is a distinguished practitioner of both the internal and external Chinese martial arts. He is known and respected throughout the martial arts community. Through his teacher Chu King-Hung, he traces his lineage in Tai Chi Chuan directly back to Yang Cheng-Fu, the founder of the modern version of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.

In this book Master Wong presents a Yang Style form, illustrated by numerous photographs and explained by means of step-by-step written instructions, though without unnecessary technicalities.
Also, he introduces the student to the self-defence applications of the form, again in a way which is practical and easy to understand. Master Wong has an exceptional talent for making complex matters simple and accessible.

This book is the result of his many years experience. It will be a valuable asset to all practitioners of Tai Chi Chuan, particularly those who do not have regular access to a teacher.

Dr.R.W.Dyson Ph.D

graduate of Durham University, professional academic & author. He is a Tai Chi, Chi Kung & Self Defence Instructor under Master Wong, holds a 3rd Dan in Karate and is a practising Buddhist.


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